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Interactive Marketing Trends for 2011

Interactive Marketing Trends for 2011

Posted in Blog By Jessica Thall (Interactive Client Services)

Maintaining an ongoing trend, tomorrow’s marketing dollars will continue to shift from traditional media to interactive marketing. A survey of marketing executives with firms of more than 200 employees found that marketers plan to continue to increase their use of interactive marketing; specifically, the research indicates that nearly $55 billion will be spent by 2014.

Some trends that will become evident in the short-term include the following:

==> Smarter, Robust search programs. More then 80 percent of marketers embrace paid search and search engine optimization, and nearly two-thirds spend to manage search programs though advanced tools such as analytics or outsourced partners.

==> More Browsing. Consumers are searching more then ever, while marketers are expanding their use of multi-key-word phrases. That means more searches are for sale according to reports. If you add the new search engines that pop up such as BING and the growing Google inventory, advertisers have more slots to place keyword ads.

==> Increasing SEO spending. SEO costs less then paid search efforts, so marketers will continue to invest in it as search becomes increasing more essential. The goal is to be at the top of the search pages organically without spending unnecessary resources.

==> Valuable Media. Marketers will use more and pay a premium for valuable media that responds to consumer behavior, encouraging customers toward purchase.

==> Online Video. The advances in video players and ad servers mean better inventory and more consumer usage, which will ultimately lead to better measurement for advertisers.

==> E-mail Marketing. E-mail continues to grow as marketers build their lists, hoping to achieve a “green” initiative. If you shift the marketers spending money from direct mail to email campaigns it will improve campaign effectiveness by linking e-mail to other channels.

==> Growth in Marketing Due to Social Media. New studies show that social media marketing campaigns can actually provide real-world payoff. iModerate Research Technologies found that 60 percent of Facebook fans and 79 percent of Twitter followers reported being more likely to recommend a given brand since becoming a friend follower. With 75 million visitors to Twitter and more than 400 million active Facebook users to date, social media presents a valuable addition to a comprehensive marketing strategy.


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